Kidz Vids Productions has talented team based on Project Managers, Web Programmers, Multimedia Developers, Graphic Designers, Art Directors and Quality Control Analysts & Configuration Specialists with skills in many of the technologies to meet the particular requirements from various clients and customers.

Web Skills
Graphic Skills
Animation Skills
Drawing Skills

There are many elements and techniques involved in these movies including the following:

Web Skill: html div and table based in Dreamweaver, Cascading Style Sheets, coding in Php, java scripting for high coding

Graphic Skill: Laying out a storyboard, from words to pictures, visualizing the story, Composition, Drawing quality, Line work, Color, Design, Characters, Separate elements, Model sheets, The cast, Backgrounds

Animation Skill: Motion tweening, Shape tweening, Easing, Key frames, Key posing, Timing, Looping, Walk cycles, Cast shadows, Drop shadows, Alpha settings, Symbols and layers, Special effects in Flash, Moving through a scene, Animating dialogue in Flash, Redefining and improvement, Animating stretch and squash, Fps (frames per second) = 12, Dimensions of the movie = (Depend), Setting up a preload type condition, Adding Streaming sound to the movie, Layering in different scenes, Timing, Action Scripting

Drawings Skill: Realistic, Imaginative, Vector based drawing, paper based drawing, Outdoor scene, Indoor scene

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