At our Portfolio, we move toward and accept new challenges while breaking the mold with each new project we develop.
Our range of Portfolio is: -

Web Design
Graphic Design
2D Animation
Custom Design

Wed Design

Website: We designed and developed flash, static, dynamic, personal websites. We provided website maintenance, web services and solutions to the clients.

Demo: We have developed Flash Animated Demos for clients for their different services, marketing and business online advertisements.

Avatar: We have created these Avatars with different actions and activities in Macromedia Flash for clients.

E-Book: We have designed Flash Animated E-Books and Lesson Plan on different subjects like Geography, Science, English, Urdu, Math, History and Urdu Dictionary.

Banner: We have worked on Flash Animated banners for different clients.

Graphic Design

Illustration: We designed and developed flash, static, dynamic, personal websites. We provided website maintenance, web services and solutions to the clients. We have won 3rd position in a competition of Iqbal Life Website ( in all over Pakistan.

Storyboard: We have designed these two Storyboards for kids story (Urdu) with black and white ink, pastel, charcoal materials on paper. And Poem (Urdu) made with colored pencils on paper. Then we have designed these two storyboards in Macromedia Flash with Animation.

Logo: We have designed animated and static logos of different companies for print media and website.

Wrapper: We have created candy wrappers in Corel draw and Adobe Photoshop. We have worked on different subjects like Independence day, Baby Showers, Birthday, General congratulation, Get Well Soon, School Graduation, Holidays (Christmas, Easter, New year, St. Patrick Day, Valentines, Kwanzaa, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Hanukkah) Mother Day, Father Day, Seasonal (Autumn, Spring, Summer, Winter) and Wedding.

Stationary: We have created Stationary in Macromedia Flash on different subjects like Christmas, Easter Day, Fall Day, Halloween, Birthday, New Year, Spring Season, Summer Day, Winter Season, Tooth Fairy and Valentine’s Day.

2D Animation

Joke: We have expertise to make animated jokes and funny characters in flash.

Games: Each game project includes its rules, the vector based background and the scripting behind them. These games designed for ages 5 and up with all the needed equipment to play.
Details: Quizzes, Fill in the Blanks, Words and meanings, Counting and Numbering, Magic Square, Puzzle, Racing, Hitting, Jumping, Catching, Matching, Fill Colors, Find the way

Stories: These flash movies streamed smoothly without loading. These movies take at least 10 seconds to load on web. There are many elements and techniques involved in these movies.

Clipart: We use Flash as an effective and efficient way of getting multimedia, vector based characters, icons, cards, stickers and vector graphics.

Magic CD: Kids Magic Just for Kids is a creative CD-ROM. It provides preschoolers with open-ended learning primary subjects (English, Math, Urdu, art activities) with their exploration in multiple fun.
Details: Lessons & Exercises, animated stories, Sign Language, Letter/meanings, Number recognition, Art/Creativity, Interactive Games, Problem Solving, Making Choices, Independent Thinking, Much more.

Custom Design

Character: We create flash gradient and colors menus with light and dark shadowing and effects, it indeed complete rounded 3-D Characters on 2-D surface for web presentations. Our graphics artist uses a special drawing tablet or even a mouse to create illustrations and graphics in Flash animations.

Icon: We have created Icons and Smiley Faces for HTML and FLASH Websites and CD Rom in Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Flash.

Card: We have worked on static Cards in Macromedia Flash and Adobe Photoshop on different subjects like Flowers, Good Luck, Graduation, Love, New baby, Best wishes, Sports and Wedding.

Sticker: We have designed these stickers and graphics by using Adobe Photoshop.

Vector: We create vector figure drawings of human and animals. An exploration of portraiture costumed models animals and animated characters, stressing form, lighting and composition.

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